Service lifts UK

Welcome to Service lifts UK, your one stop shop for all things dumbwaiters, service lifts and trollies for your apartment buildings, restaurants, and office buildings. We pride ourselves in being reliable, high quality and efficient. Thus, over many years, we have built up a deep roster of long term clients who keep coming back to us.

Our process

As soon as you get in touch with us, we work on building a trusting and open relationship between you and us. Thus the first thing we do is try to understand what you need and propose different solutions that might fit your custom needs. This is a two-way discussion that fully incorporates your ideas and vision in order to produce something that you are most comfortable with.

Once, this is done then the work begins in designing, building and installing the lift. First we provide you with a quotation of the expected costs and only then begin the design, drawing, survey phases. After the installation and testing you will be able to use it without problems. However, our relationship does not end there. For every customer we are always available to deal with any issues and servicing.

Our products

We cover the full range of your lifting needs.

For restaurants we offer dumbwaiter lifts that can lift between 50 kg – 100 kg that help you manage in cramped spaces. Same can be used in libraries, pubs, hotels and banks. Our expertise in this sector is unmatched and can work in any set of parameters that your space might have.

Other services include trolley lifts for loads up to 300 kg and goods lifts for storage areas that can go up to 2 tons.

Maintenance and repair is an important part of our service. Whatever the system you have and whatever the problem is we are on hand to deal with them. Our professional will give you the best advice and the show you the best route possible.